Maucca Kärki hails from Finland where she was born and raised. She has a deep history with the Equestrian sport which includes being a Team rider for Finland in both eventing and dressage and is an active breeder and rider.
Maucca owns and operates Grand Prix Marketing, and equestrian consulting agency, and lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two children.
Maucca has an extensive global network and has worked with some of the biggest equestrian events, sponsors, media and riders in the world for over two decades. With a background in law and an extensive career as and International TV and film producer, Maucca now focuses all her time in the equestrian world. As a bonus, Maucca speaks 6 languages!
Hyperion Stud began its cooperation with Grand Prix Marketing in 2018 which has been very successful so far. The focus is  on the expanding Hyperions global operation in Europe and Scandinavia.
“Hyperion Studs vision and passion to combine the worlds of breeding and sport globally is an honor to work with. Together we are a part of creating a lasting legacy of horsemanship for the next generations.”  says Maucca Kärki