Our Partners


Ramard is a global leader of the most innovative and highest quality health and performance products for horses and companion animals.

For more than a decade, our team of veterinarians, trainers and biochemists have been committed to offering cutting edge products that are made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and free of fillers and artificial ingredients.


BoneKare® is a widely researched, nutritional supplement designed to promote healthy bone formation, repair and bone density in horses. The active ingredient in BoneKare®is Quinaquanone®, a water soluble and bio-available form of Vitamin K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 has a critical effect on the function of Osteocalcin, which is what binds the mineral and protein in the bone. BoneKare® is competition-safe worldwide.


Ranger Ready Repellents use CDC-recommended repellent ingredients Picaridin 20% & Permethrin 0.5%. Ranger Ready was invented in Norwalk, Connecticut, just south of the epicenter of Lyme disease. Ranger Ready products are proudly made in the U.S., using local family-owned businesses. Ranger Ready bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable.


BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. Utilizing BEMER’s patented PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) signal, the BEMER Horse-Set penetrates your horses tissues to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, speeding up the delivery of crucial nutrients and oxygen throughout. PEMF therapy is completely safe and is backed by years of research! Horse lovers all over the world turn to the BEMER Horse-Set to keep their horses feeling fresh and ready to take on each day.


At Cavalor, we challenge ourselves to gain more knowledge and improve continuously. That’s how we develop our products; every product is borne of a rational and unique view on equine feeding and care – supported by scientific research and driven by the desire for the health of the horse and the meeting of its needs. Every horse is different. Every rider is unique. As are their ambitions. We are here for all equestrian athletes. We are Cavalor, a part of your team. We are here to empower your ambitions.


CWD is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances. Today the world champions, European and American champions ride with a CWD saddle. We owe this success to our politics of innovation and investments in all fields: research and development, savoir-faire, customer relations, training. At CWD, sport and performance are an obsession. An obsession which can be translated by a full control from A to Z of our chain of values, from the animal skin via the tannery, the making, the selling, the logistics, the after-sales service.This cross-disciplinary model is unique in the world.


Top Jock Tack Boxes specializes in building luxury boxes that are customized to the specific requirements of an equestrian athlete. Any size, color and layout can be designed and finished with custom graphics and solid oak engraved panels to feature an athlete’s sponsors, country, website, stable or other details. Top Jock’s custom boxes offer a wide range of high quality boxes including horizontal trunks, vertical lockers, grooming boxes, saddle racks and more. Their most popular product is the Silver Edition double door trunk, available in any size with custom interior configurations and branding options.