Hyperion Stud Vision and Global Operations

Hyperion Stud, LLC is a specialized horse breeding and sales operation based in the heart of Virginia horse country.
We are dedicated to providing the show jumping market with the best bloodlines available globally. We have procured our mares from the best bloodlines of our modern times while our stallion choices each year are based on performance and their proven success in the breeding shed.

Hyperion Stud is a global operation with horses currently in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. The Hyperion Stud team consists of people with excellent horsemanship, knowledge and a vision which combines breeding and top sport for the growing global equestrian market. Our highly knowledgeable team members and equine professionals assist in producing our horses through a carefully selected breeding and development program. They prepare the youngsters in their first phases of education including stallion approvals, mare testing, foal inspections and then on to their sporting career

We pay particular attention to each and every horse we produce, and we pride ourselves on the methods we use to develop the future sport horses in our care. Everyone at Hyperion Stud strives to make choices affordable and easy, while offering a nice variety of sports horses of all ages and experience levels.
“Thou must learn the thoughts of the noble horse
Whom thou wouldst ride
Be not indiscreet in the demands, 
Nor require him to perform indiscreetly”

Johanne Wolfgang von Goethe

Hyperion Stud USA

Virginia Breeding and Training Operations

The foundation of our operation lies within the countryside of central Virginia. A small idea of breeding sport horses has flourished into a wide range operation which includes breeding mares and stallions, raising and rearing youngsters, developing show horses and giving retirees a well deserved place to leisurely live out their days.

Florida Winter Training and Competition

Seasonal change is always important for our competition and training horses in the USA. Our team is based in Wellington, Florida from November to May so that we may continue with their positive growth and to connect with our colleagues and clients.

Hyperion Eventing Team

Hyperion Stud teamed up with Will Coleman Equestrian in 2015 as a syndicate owner and has now developed into multiple syndicate ownerships as well as owner of Chin Tonic HS. As we continue to support Will Coleman Equestrian we look forward to a continued sponsorship as well as aiming to the pinnacle levels of Eventing at the International level.

Hyperion Stud Europe

Breeding Operations in Germany

The heart of Hyperion Stud breeding in Europe lies within the lush and deeply traditional regions of Holstein. It began with the purchase of a few young mares, and has progressed to the ownership and production of several mares from breeding lines 776, 474a and 246. These family lines have built the foundation of our breeding success in Europe and in Virginia, and have produced top foals, approved stallions and successful sport horses.

Training and Competition in Germany & Sweden

Hyperion Stud competition horses can be seen all over Europe and Scandinavia at varying events. Our goal is to move our horses to regions that support the different talents our horses express. We develop horses for sport with the buyer in mind, and aim to service all experience levels.
“It’s become this breeding operation, but also a sport horse development program. Through breeding we’ve bred approved stallions, had champion foals, premium foals, States Premium and Elite mares.”
Vicky Castegren