Hyperion Stud Acquires Exceptional Eight-Year-Old Holsteiner Ethene

Hyperion Stud Acquires Exceptional Eight-Year-Old Holsteiner Ethene


Permission to Reproduce Granted

December 18, 2020

Hyperion Stud has newly acquired eight-year-old Holsteiner mare Ethene (Corrado I / Cayado / Concorde / Athlet Z / Cor de la Bryere / Raimond stamm 776) as a top prospect for the future.

“I’ve known Ethene her entire life, and now we’re very excited to have her and to see how far she goes,” said Hyperion Stud owner Vicky Castegren.

Part of Corrado I’s final foal crop, Ethene descends from the former number one mare line in the world, stamm 776. This direct mother line has produced top horses including Livello, Calvados I, Calvados II, Crack and Mareika, and Castegren has seen the quality of the line firsthand.

In 2012, Castegren purchased Ethene’s dam, Athene IV, and her colleague, Reece Miller, purchased the foal at Athene IV’s side, none other than Ethene.

“At the time, I was in need of quality mares to build my program, and Athene IV was a no brainer,” said Castegren, who has been successfully breeding Athene IV ever since. “Because Reece Miller purchased Ethene as a foal, I had the opportunity to watch her grow and develop, and, although we no longer have a habit of buying upper-level prospects, we knew that she was a mare that we very much wanted to keep in house.

“We have great hopes for both the sport and for breeding her in the future,” continued Castegren. “We currently have a few of her siblings which we bred ourselves. Her half-brother in particular, Carry the Cash HS, is a Mecklenberg approved stallion by Cash and Carry and looking to be very sportive and also a top jumping prospect.”

Like Castegren, Miller sees great potential in Ethene and for the mare’s future with Hyperion Stud.

“I have raised Ethene from a foal and believe she’s a mare for the very top of the sport,” said Miller, who operates Holsteiner breeding operations in Florida and Holstein, Germany. “Vicky Castegren and Hyperion Stud have already competed at the World Equestrian Games in France and the Olympic Games in Rio, so there’s no doubt they have the experience to take Ethene as far as she can go. I’m eager to see what the future brings.”

Already a proven winner at 1.40m, Ethene will remain in Europe to continue her sport career with Danish Team rider, Lars Bak Andersen of Denmark.

“Ethene is a mare with a lot of quality, and I’m very grateful that Hyperion Stud have secured the horse for me,” said Lars. “I’m looking forward to developing Ethene and bringing her and other horses into the big sport together with Hyperion!”

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