KWPN Son of Indoctro


Victor E

Victor E KWPN Show Jumping Stallion at Hyperion Stud Owned by Windsor Show Stables

Victor E’s sire Indoctro, the preferent stallion who has become one of the top breeding stallions in all the world, continues to produce championship caliber offspring who are successfully jumping in the sport today. There is then the great foundation stallion Nimmerdor on his dam’s side, who became known as the ‘KWPN stallion of the century 2000’. This ‘Preferent ‘ stallion has produced over 50 approved sons and more than 60 International jumping horses as well as many successful dressage horses.

Victor E is a wonderful example of the superb stallions and mares of his pedigree. He is athletic, moves with power and jumps with superb scope. Like many sons of Indoctro, Victor E is an absolute gentleman and is sure to pass on his wonderful nature to his offspring.  This stallion is an excellent choice for breeders who prefer the more traditional and proven breeding avenues.


Stallion Info

D.O.B. 2002
Height 16.3h
Approvals ZANG
Owned By Owned by Windsor Show Stables
Stud Fee $900/ Frozen/Rebreed Guarantee/ EVA Neg

Victor E Indoctro Capitol I Capitano
Vanessa VII Caletto II
Wokina Nimmerdor Farn
Ekina Uppercut xx
Olwartine B


2nd Tampa Bay $25,000 Welcome Stake

8th Tampa Bay  $50,000 FEI World Cup Qualifier

4th $7500 Devon Open Jumper 1.40m

6th Devon $25,000 Gamblers Choice

9th Lake Placid $10,000 Brook Ledge Open

2nd Fidelity Welcome Stake

7th Hampton Classic $30,000 Pilatus Cup

6th Hampton Classic $7500 Prudential 1.45m

7th $7500 Open Jumper 1.45m

* Many other top placings in the 1.35m – 1.40m divisions 2013 -14

5th Lake Placid Woodlea Farms Grand Prix

1st HITS 1.40m

7th HITS $75,000 Grand Prix

7th HITS Brook Ledge $10,000 Welcome Stake

4th Lake Placid 1.45m

12th Lake Placid $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix

5th Fidelity $10,000 Welcome Stake

10th $25,000 Suncast 1.50m Jumper Classic WEF 1

 5th $25,000 Suncast 1.50m WEF 2 

6th $1,500 Griffis Residential High Jr Jumper  WEF 9

4th $10,000 Griffis Residential High Jr Classic, 4th $1,500 Griffis Residential High Jr Jumper WEF 10

5th $10,000 1.40m , 3rd $33,000 Live Oak GP LIVE OAK INTERNATIONAL

1st High Jr-A/O Jumper, 6th SJHO High Jr-A/O Jumper Classic, 8th $25 000 Rockbridge Grand Prix  LEXINGTON SPRING PREMIERE

3rd, 7th Hi JR/AO 1.40m,  11th SJHF  1.45m KENTUCKY SPRING

4th SJHOF Jr-A/O Jumper Stake 1.35m, 13th $75 000 Upperville Jumper Classic UPPERVILLE COLT & HORSE SHOW

3rd, 11th Hi JR Jumper I LOVE NEW YORK

3rd Team Competition, 4th Individual NORTH AMERICAN JUNIOR & YR CHAMPIONS

9th $1,500 High Junior Jumper WEF 4

2nd $1500 High Junior WEF 9

1st High JR Jumper, 2nd Hi Jr Jumper Championship 1.40m KENTUCKY SPRING


 8th $1500 Medium Amateur Owner WEF 6

9th $6000 1.40m Speed Challenge, 11th $15000 SJHOF High A/O ClassicWEF 7

7th $15000 SJHOF High A/O Classic WEF 9

9th $10,000 1.40m Stake, 1st $1000 Leading AO Rider LIVE OAK COMBINED DRIVING EVENT

12th CSI4* 1.45m SI4* CSIYH1* CSIAm-A CSIAm-B Wiesbaden, (GER)

11th CSI3* 1.40m CSI3* CSIAm-A CSIAm-B CSIYH1* Pforzheim (GER)

8th CSIO5* 1.45m CSIO5*-NC EDU1 Falsterbo (SWE)

6th $10000 Med A/O Classi WEF 4

11th $1500 Med Am Owner Jumper,  11th $2000 1.30m WEF 5

9th $6000 1.40m WEF 6

3rd $2500 High Am. Owner Jumper WEF 9

5th $500 Jr/A-O Jumper Low , 2nd $5,000 NAL Pyranha Jr/A-O Jumper Low Classic COMMONWEALTH NATIONAL

2nd A-O Med Jumper, 6th  A-O Low Jumper KENTUCKY SPRING CLASSIC 

5th 2000 Brook Ledge High Jr/AO Jumper SPLIT ROCK JUMPING TOUR

4th $3000 JR/AO Jumper Classic LOUDOUN BENEFIT

4th $5000 Med Junior/Am Owner Jumper TRYON SUMMER 2

1st Junior/Am Owner Jumper 1.40m,  2nd High Junior/Am-Owner Jumper 1.40m – CHAMPIONSHIP TRYON SUMMER 3

8th High AO Jumper, 3rd SJHF High AO Jumper KENTUCKY SUMMER CLASSIC