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Holsteiner Stallion by Caesar Van De Helle

Emir Van Helle is a powerful holsteiner stallion who possesses tremendous scope, carriage and a dynamic lineage. He descends from some of the most famous bloodlines of modern day breeding with stallion such as Cantus and Cassini I in his pedigree. Most notably is the strength of his mother line, stamm 2543, that boasts stallions such as Acodetto I & II, Lasino, Lavallo, Lux Z, Limoncello I & II.

Emir’s Sire, Casear Van De Helle, is the son of another superb mother line. As a young horse he was successful at the 1998 Stallion Test and also in 4, 5 and 6 years old competitions. He distinguished himself by his prudence and his tremendous jumping ability. Casear Van De Helle was jumped up to the 1.40m with rider Henk Ven Den Broek.

His Dam, Erle of stamm 504, is mother of several other approved stallions including Cooper Ven De Heffinck who in 2008 won BWP 4 year old stallion championship. Emir’s Dam, Casina Van De Helle from stamm 2543, brings in the lines of Cassini I and Lord. Two of the greatest stallions of all time.

Dam Sire, Cassini I, is one of the most influential stallions of the modern day. He is sire of 68 sons have been licensed for breeding in Germany. At 26, he is one of the most distinguished jumper sires in the world, which is manly due to his sons’ and daughters’ successful performance at great international championships such as Eurocommerce Berlin & Cumano.

Emir Van De Helle brings all the traits of a Holsteiner stallion that people love. He has a wonderful temperament, jumps with tremendous scope and carries powerful impulsion. He is successful at the Grand Prix level with a win at the Duncraven Mini Prix , a win in the Welcome and a 2nd place Grand Prix finish at the Blue Rock Classic and a 6th place finish in the Devon Fall Classic Grand Prix in 2013.

Stallion Info

D.O.B. 3/15/2004
Height 16.3
Owned By Phantom Associates
Stud Fee $900 / Frozen/ No Rebreed Guarantee

Emir Van De Helle Caesar Van De Helle Cantus Caletto I
Erle Landlord
Casina Van De Helle Cassini I Capitol I
Borana Lord
Viola XV


5th 8 yr old YJC WEF 2

7th 8 yr old YJC WEF 3

8th 8 yr old YJC WEF 5

7th 1,35m WEF 11

2nd Blue Rock Grand Prix

1st Swan Lake Welcome Stake

8th 1,40m Upperville Colt & Horse Show

8th 1,40m Upperville Colt & Horse Show

7th 1,40m Monmouth  County

1st $5,000 Duncraven Mini Prix

5th $5,000 1,40m HITS

8th 1,40m HITS

6th $25,000 Devon Fall Classic

7th $5,000 Speed Stake Devon Fall Classic

1st $2000 1.40m Jumper II2b -Split Rock

5th, 5th, 10th 1,30m –Hits on the Hudson II

1st $5000 1.35m & 5th $10000 1.40m Welcome Stake -Princeton Horse Show II

4th $35,000 Grand Prix of Princeton -Princeton Show Jumping Summer III

5th $10,000 1.40m Welcome Stake -Princeton Show Jumping Summer III

1st $5000 Riverview Welcome Stake -The Ridge

2nd $5000 NAL/M&S/Quiet Winter Farm Stake- Monmouth County

4th $10,000 Carol Thompson Monmouth 1.30 Prix- Monmouth County

1st, 1st Level 6- Hits on the Hudson


3rd $1000 1.30m Open Jumper BLUE ROCK

2nd $1000 Open Speed, 3rd $5000 Welcome Stake OX RIDGE JUNE HORSE SHOW

8th 1.35m, 12th 1.40m LAKE PLACID

1st 1.35m, 1st $300 1.35m Jumper THE RIDGE AT RIVERVIEW

8th 1,30m WEF 6

1st 1,30m WEF 7

8th 1,30m Upperville Colt & Horse Show

2nd, 2nd 1,30m Lake Placid

5th 1,35m I Love New York Horse Show

4th $15,000 D&G Ventures Mini Prix -Silver Oak Jumper Tournament