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AES Approved Stallion by Cornet Obolensky

Cape Coral RBF Z

Cape Coral RBF Z is A.E.S. approved. The beautiful grey stallion is the son of the extremely popular Cornet Obolensky. The sire of Cape Coral RBF Z stands second in this year’s WBFSH-rankings of best-producing jumping sires worldwide.

Cape Coral RBF Z’s dam-line is also very interesting. He originates from the very good Holstein bloodline number 429, via Argentinus and Corofino I. This dam-line produced many excellent horses including the preferente Numero Uno (Marco Kutcher), the international jumping horse Kassini’Jac (Ludo Philippaerts), Churchill (Cameron Hanley) and Dutch Capitol (Leon Thijssen).

Cape Coral RBF Z shows time and time again that he has his sire’s genes. This makes Cape Coral RBF Z a high potential, both in sport and breeding. His way of jumping is exceptional and he has the power and ability that can take him to the highest level in showjumping. Cape Coral RBF Z is currently being succesfully competed by Stal Hendrix rider Pieter Keunen.

Stallion Info

D.O.B. 2009
Height 17h
Owned By Stal Hendrix:
Stud Fee $700 per dose/ Frozen/No Rebreed Guarantee

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