Cartani Offspring for Sale at Hyperion Stud Show Jumping and Warmblood Stallions

Uriko embodies the modern show jumper type. At 1.70 m, the long-legged stallion falls inline with the Holsteiner Verband breeding stallion requirements. He has an expressive head, a well-set neck of good length and a well-structured and muscular back joined by powerful hindquarters. In 2011 he was tested and received the scores of 9.25 for his canter, 8.83 for jumping ability and achieved a total  breeding value of 130.

Horse performance Tests: 70-Tage-Test 2011 in Schlieckau: Gesamt 7,88; ZW-Dres. 90 (+6); ZW-Spr. 130 (+21)