Official Debut of the NEW!

Official Debut of the NEW!

Today marks a new era of equine web design with the launch of the new state-of-the-art, mobile responsive website for acclaimed Show Jumping Breeder, Hyperion Stud. The new website introduces advanced modern design concepts and custom technology previously nonexistent in the horse world. Hyperion Stud is the first in a series of custom horse sites, leading equine web design firm is unveiling over the next few months. Each site is created to push the boundaries of what many consider to be impossible on the web and bring the best progressive online marketing practices into the horse world.

Founded and fueled by one woman’s passion for the international show jumping scene, a simple statement encapsulates the vision of Hyperion Stud’s multi-faceted sales, breeding and sport horse development operation, “Europe’s Finest, Made in America”. With facilities in Wellington, FL and Barboursville, VA, Hyperion Stud is one of the fastest growing Show Jumping breeders in the country with over a dozen exceptional Warmblood Stallions competing and standing in the U.S.

“We’ve worked exclusively with EqGraphics since our inception nearly 7 years ago. EQ created the original Hyperion Stud website, our stunning logo and all of our marketing materials throughout the years which have had a huge impact on our business and laid our foundation for success. With today’s technologically advanced society, we felt it was essential to develop a new and innovative web presence that could be viewed on any device and wanted to be represented by a memorable, highly impactful, easy to maneuver website that could bring the magic of our horses to the people who shared this passion. It is critical to stay connected with our audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and engage our visitors across all social channels, which we can now do with the click of one button. The EqGraphics Team was a natural fit to take on this monumental task and all of us at Hyperion Stud are proud to be represented in such a creative and magnificent way.”  -Vicky Castegren, CEO Hyperion Stud, LLC

The abundant use of full screen, high-resolution imagery and videos throughout every page of the new Hyperion Stud website allows the visitor to experience the thrill and excitement of show jumping in an entirely new way.  Whether equine enthusiasts visit the site via a PC, tablet or smart phone, they are welcomed with an equally pleasant experience, which is becoming exceedingly important as the popularity of mobile devices continues to steadily dominate the market. Fully integrated social media is also a key component for a seamless user experience, which is the primary reason every stallion and every photograph throughout the multitude of Hyperion Stud photo galleries are effortlessly “sharable” with one click.

Real-time informational updates and ever evolving content play an extremely prominent role in engaging visitors to return to a website on a regular basis. Therefore, the new EqGraphics backend platform allows the site owner to make instant unassisted changes and build unlimited new pages in a matter of minutes from any device, anywhere in the world.

“We treasure our long-term relationship with Hyperion Stud and we wanted to venture into uncharted territories with this site to create something truly special. Developing mobile-responsive technology for an industry with so many specific needs unseen anywhere else on the web outside of the horse world came with many challenges. Hyperion Stud graciously allowed us the time, opportunity and freedom to create new technology, which not only benefits Hyperion, but all who have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and grow exponentially with our intuitive new platform. When we watch a client effortlessly create 10 new beautifully formatted individual horse pages, all with pedigrees, videos, unlimited photos and full descriptions – in under a half an hour… that is what drives us to do what we do.” –David Mobley,