Livello I


Livello I is a modern representative of the Holsteiner breed’s proven L blood. He has a strikingly typey and expressive head with big eyes showing the Arabian influence. His neck is long and well-set with his back being relatively long but strong. The conformation of his croup is also linked to the Arabian influence of his dam line.

Livello had a very successful career and competed under the Irish, Turkish, and Swedish flags at big international competitions. His  greatest accomplishment came under the rider, Irishman  Cameron Hanley. In 2009, the combination won the Falsterbo Nations Cup in Sweden with the Irish team, they placed 4th at the Windsor Europeans and completed the season by winning the Grand Prix in Kiel.

Breeding Value Index: Spr. 129 (81%), Dr. 105 (83%)

Horse Performance Tests: Radegast 2002: Ges. 125,56 (4.) Dr. 109,62 (6.) Spr. 129,44 (3.)