Freyja HS

Frejya HS

Freyja HS was purchased as a foal in Germany and produced her first foal in 2017. She is by MyLord Carthago / Casall / Carthago / Cor de la bryere stamm 474a. She has 5 States Premium mares in a row behind her. Freyja is perfectly sex balanced line bred to Carthago and her Cor de la Bryere great grandmother Cicera. Cicera is full sister to the famous Cavalier Royale and she is the mother to approved stallion Cicera’s Icewater (currently standing at Hyperion Stud for breeding). Freyja’s first foal is a colt by Uriko that was awarded premium with foal championship points. She produced a filly by Uriko in 2018.

Mylord Carthago Carthago Capitol
Fragance de C Jalisco B
Belina I Casall Caretino
Ligusta Carthago